Monday, October 4, 2010

Bass Monsters

God has really blessed me lately through art. You would think I would be too busy and tired...and really I am. But, if I had to choose what I could make money at it would definitely be this way rather than selling Tupperware down at the dollar store. Here is a commissioned painting that I am working on for Lake Cherokee. It's rather large 4'x4'. I'm only 5' tall so you can imagine....thank goodness I am not 4' least not yet!
Anyway, it's going to look like an old map when I am done. Yes, my bass fish is rather long, but I am going for the sea monster look. Everything will make more sense as I keep going.

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LeeAnn said...

I love that you have been able to keep up with all your art as an adult. To me it is so much a part of you that I cannot imagine you not doing it, but it is nice that you are able to bring in some money while doing what you love :)