Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kid's are my art work

Life with two kids is really hectic and a bit hair-raising...and now we are bringing a 3rd baby into this Vashey chaos! But, when I reflect in those odd peacful moments.....I really wouldn't have it any other way. Sure I don't have time to do my art like I used to but look at the beautiful, beautiful artwork of my son's lives. They are becoming men right before my eyes and I get to daily mold them and train them to be amazing ones! It is not an easy task but one that I think will have a lasting impact on generations to come. Of course they will have to make their own choices and decisions but I am giving them the skills to do that: self control, discipline, prayer, kindness, empathy, manners, healthy eating habits, creativity, self esteem......putting on your clothes correctly, flushing the toilet.......a little overwhelming but a task I am up for with God's help and my husband's love and loyalty.