Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ugly and red

So, I guess I thought I wanted to be like everyone else and use TIDE to clean my sheets. It's what my husband's mom uses and I love how it smells. Oh, but.............now I am covered in an ugly red rash that feels like fire!! It's especially bad on my face and hands and if I itch it, it gets poofy and swollen. Even my nose is swollen!! I look Like Rudolph!! It hasn't phased Wyatt. In fact, he's been more cuddly today than usual. Now, not so the postman, who came to our door and delivered a GIANT package from Chicago. He got a real good look at me......he seemed a little shocked. Anyway, if you come by my house and I don't answer the door, please don't be offended. Oh, I am so going to send Jon for some ALL Free and Clear.............ALL Free and Clear 4ever!


LeeAnn said...

Oh no! not the way to spend Christmas week :(

Kelly said...

Have you tried making your own? WAY cool and smells great.