Sunday, November 9, 2008

Charlie, Wyatt and BOGOF

Charlie Pig

My son is sleeping soundly and it's rainy and cold outside.....but it's warm and toasty in here! Wyatt kept me up til 3am with his coughing and sad breathing. He's much better this morning, though. I've been hard at work on a new line of pigs. Here's the first, Charlie. This is my only picture right now.....he still needs a tail, but his brother might be created before that happens! I like to do the creative parts first and then go back and add the more boring parts. I think I may leave him rough around the edges like you see here. Sometimes raw fabric edges are nice. Is that b/c everything is so machine made these days? The idea for Charlie was born this weekend while staying out at my parent's house. My grandma bought mom and I, 3 giant bags of fabric scraps from a garage sale. I pillaged that, grabbed mom's scissors and started cutting! It was kind of funny, my family was watching Castaway on TV and I was rotating between the floor and the couch creating Charlie. Jon was pretty impressed how fast he came together. Honestly, when you don't have a Wyatt vying for your attention, things go a lot faster! I finished him at 11pm.....and ran out of stuffing! Ahhh, this is turning into a super long post!
My blogger and Etsy friend, Trevlyn is having a sale at her shop. Buy1get1free! They'd make great Christmas or baby shower gifts!....and you'd be helping to support an artist and not the BIG BAD Department stores! :o)........I'll be updating my shop soon (this weekend). Sorry it's been so long. I've been selling a lot...just not through Etsy. It's always nice to touch and feel things, I think.
*Note: I wash fabric in *very* hot water before creating a creature. Sometimes I do several washes before I'm satisfied! The mommy in me demands this, as I have a baby who puts *everything* in his mouth!


Trevlyn said...

Oh, I just LOVE Charlie! You have quite the eye for pairing fun fabrics together!

Thanks for plugging my sale ~ so sweet ~ and I certainly hope Wyatt is feeling much better soon!

Anonymous said...

CUTE!! Love that little nose! ;)

Mona said...

Melanie loves her new bunnies! She may keep 2 for herself.

Vashey Fam said...

Thank you guys!! I love these pigs and they look so much better in person. I wish I could get them on film better!
Melanie- Thanks for coming to my booth and loving my little creatures!