Thursday, July 24, 2008


*Note: This blog entry was written very, very quickly and may contain errors! No time!!My grandparent's came over last night and ate homemade pizza with us and surfed the internet. No, seriously, I have one hip grandma! She likes to come over and look up the food network, read our blogs and last night she was searching for the 164 mi garage sale that happens in Arkansas. It's in August.....maybe I'll go. She was playing with Aquin and left him on the kitchen table. This morning I was eating breakfast and thought how nice he looked with the zinnias. Zinnias are my favorite flower, by the way. This year we tried a new kind called "cinnatwist" They're kind of small but I like how they look like fireworks.

This strange creature is called "BigHeadedBunny" BHB for short. Wyatt likes to play with his feet. He's made partially from Oma's (my mom) old shirt that we nagged her so much about how out of date it was that it finally made the GoodWill pile. Well I snatched it out of the Good Will pile!......I've been telling Wyatt a BHB story about how BHB wanted to know what was written on the star sewn to his chest but he doesn't know how to he asks his friends to help, Sammy Squirrel, Pilly , Eloise, etc....anyway, I'm not sure about the ending yet....*sigh* have to go pack. Chicago here we come!!!


Deb said...

You're so creative, leigh :)

Carol said...

I wanna come over for home made pizza-yummo!

I don't think my grandma even knew there was such a thing as internet so your is ultra hip!

Chelle said...

So cute, my friend! Your items are amazing!

Jeff and LeeAnn said...

big head bunny.... hee hee :)