Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Images

Wyatt frequents his tiny pool when it is too hot to play. Summer in Texas is just sweltering!
Wyatt rides the merry-go-round. I love his chubby ankles!

Ok, this next image is just gross! We sprayed them off with the water hose and they just came back! We are wondering........does anyone else have this problem?!
Spider Party!
I will be staying with Wyatt in Chicago for a week and a half so I will miss you my blog friends! Don't have too much fun without me!


Chelle said...

Okay, Wyatt is simply adorable! Bella loves her little pool, too. Nothing else feels better on a sweltering summer day!
And the spider party cracked me up! I'm sorry they keep coming back :)

PS-guess what we got in the mail today :) Bella let me know it is part of her secret post for tomorrow. She loves it!! It is soooo sweet, Leigh. Thank you, again!

Dana said...

whoa... i have never seen that many together! *shiver*

Kelly said...

I can't wait to see Wyatt in his tux. Conlan walked down the aisle saying "Mai-Tay", the name of the maid of honor. It was precious! Have a great time in Chicago!

anti-supermom said...

Wyatt is adorable, don't rush him on the walking, seriously.

And the spiders are gross, very very yucky, are the breeding? ha :)

Those pics are adorable.