Monday, August 4, 2008

Ryan & Marta's wedding

We're back! What a wonderful week with family. It was strange and refreshing to be away from the computer for 10 days.
Wyatt did an excellent job as ring bearer. (better pics to come) He only fell 3 times going down the aisle. His foot kept catching on the bricks holding down the runner. He was making the cutest excited to "uh-oh" faces while walking. His little tux shirt was too small and by the end of the aisle, had come loose and was showing his tummy! Everyone applauded and cheered when he finally made it. *This* mommy was very proud! They announced him as "Baby Wyatt" when he was pulled by wagon into the reception. Everyone clapped and he clapped for himself as well. My husband, Jon, gave a very touching best-man speech. Ryan is Jon's best friend from as far back as elementary. The wedding was beautiful, outside of Chicago in a historic barn that was surrounded by prairie and wildflowers.

Introducing Ryan and Marta New!

Grandma love!


Chelle said...

Beautiful pictures! The wedding looked beautiful!!
Congrats on the walking, what a big milestone!
And you are very welcome for the card. Summer Mouse is on our mantel of our entertainment center--she is so cute! And I agree, hardly anyone ever sends a thank you parents made sure that we always did and it just stuck. That is one of my pet peeves when I send a gift, etc and no thank you!
Glad you guys are back!

Kelly said...

Oh, he's precious!! (Of course you know that!!) I'm glad he's walking now. The wedding looks like it was gorgeous. It looks like you had a great time. We might be coming to Longview a few weeks from now...Flic leaves for Utah at the end of the month, so we need to come say goodbye if possible. We would LOVE to have you come visit. Just let us know when you plan on coming, and we'll be ready!!