Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

This is one blessed child! Thank you everyone for Wyatt's gifts and cards! I let him play with all his birthday cards. I lined them up on the coffee table and one by one he "read" each one like a book , threw it on the ground and moved on to the next one. Notice the living rm pic. He started at the coffee table, worked his way over all the couches and ended in front of the TV. That was a first! I've let him watch a lot of Baby Einstein today. He has a pretty bad ear infection. My mom made a cat card for Wyatt. Isn't it cool? Here he is opening the box that Auntie Ne, Uncle Brian and cousin Samuel sent him.

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donita dawn said...

Happy Birthday dearest Wyatt. You are the luckiest little fella to have such wonderful folks! Hugs and Kisses.