Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday and runon sentences

I spent Easter Sunday in the nursery. I dressed Wyatt up b/c I'd gone to all the trouble to purchase a special outfit for him. Here he is hanging out with his friend James (in the swing). I didn't dress up b/c I didn't think it was worth it with all the bodily excrement that babies tend to leave on you . I'm afraid I had a very bad attitude on Sunday. My husband had been gone for 10 days, my son had been sick 7 out of the 10 days and instead of getting a much needed break from him and being refreshed through worship and fellowship, here I was isolated back in the nursery. Then, I lost my keys. Thank you to everyone who helped me look for my keys! They were found in the church fridge on Monday. Anyway, back to my sad story. My grandparents rescued me from the church and I had lunch at their house. They weren't feeling well, so while they rested, Wyatt and I sat all alone in their living room and watched "Banned From the Bible" on the Discovery channel. We don't have TV so that wasn't too terrible only, I was lonely and already pretty low. My dad stopped by, dropped off a pizza and left without even talking or eating. The only high point was when Melinda Hoover picked Wyatt and I up and we met Jon and the guys at the airport......that was a really good moment. I love my husband. It's really a good thing that Easter isn't about outfits and bunnies and church. I kept reminding myself that it is about celebrating Jesus coming alive from the dead. I really did feel like God was right there with me throughout my day. While feeling sorry for myself, I kept feeling like God was trying to tell me that I was serving him by being where I was and I needed to be content and find joy in that. So having said all of the above, I feel somehow privileged that I didn't have "the best Easter ever". The people at my church serve me all the time in ways I never see, so I'm glad I could give back just a little....and instead of being busy celebrating, I actually had time to reflect on the miracle of Jesus in my life.

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