Monday, March 24, 2008

At Last!

Jon is finally home!!! I missed him so much. 10 days was just too long! You can see him there crouching on the front in the sock hat. You probably wondered why I haven't been talking about him much. I didn't want to publicize the fact that my husband wasn't home and that Wyatt and I were all alone. After all, this is a public blog. Anyway, he is home safe and sound....extremely tired, much cleaner and a little bitter at all the materialism he sees in America. We are so rich compared to the Ukranians. We surprised him at the airport. Wyatt knew him right away and started clapping. On the car trip home he kept grabbing Jon's nose and grinning at him. Jon had to teach his college class tonight but tomorrow we're going to have a date night, so if we don't answer that's why! :o)

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