Friday, March 21, 2008

Bluebirds & Estate Sale II

So our bluebirds have 3 eggs now, yea! We've really gotten a lot of wasps lately, so I scraped soap on the inside roof of the house. This will keep the evil wasps from nesting there. Did you know that bluebirds used to be so numerous that they would fly in flocks? Wouldn't that be beautiful to see? They are very rare in Texas now. Anyway, Jon and I would like to help bring up the bluebird population here in East Texas. If anyone that's reading this blog is interested in putting a bluebird house in their yard or land, we'll build one for you and help you put it up (they're very picky about size of box and size of hole) You may think I'm a little crazy, but they're such a pretty bird and very friendly to humans. My grandma raised a baby to adulthood when it's parents were killed in a storm. It would sit on her shoulder while she walked around and did yard work and eat out of her hand. My mom, also had a bluebird trail in Mrs. Lee's Garden a couple of years ago. To this day, you still see bluebirds there when you visit.
Here's some more pics from the estate sale. I found a really groovy curio shelf. It's not like the usual cheesy ones. I especially like the fawn and donkey! It looks much better in person. It was really hard to get a good pic. Also found some birthday cake cookbooks. They're the same ones I grew up with. Mom used to let us look through them and choose our cake every year. It was really weird finding both of them together like that. (Thank you God!) Now I can let Wyatt choose his cake every year!


Stephanie said...

Are you going to supply the blue bird too or is it a "if you build it they will come" kind of thing. If he's up to building it we'll take one! :)

Did you ever find your keys?

Vashey Fam said...

Funny! No, I'm afraid the bluebird is up to God. Yes, keys are found....they were in the church embarrassing!

Stephanie said...

lol that's funny. When did you find them?