Monday, April 26, 2010

Where are you Blanky?

Wyatt prayed just now saying, "Dear God....thank you my blanket......I'm sad....thank you my blanket. Amen"

Oh, I feel like crying! We have been missing his blanket since Saturday. We have been hunting nonstop and simply cannot find it. Any of you who know Wyatt personally know what a friend his blanky is to him. What breaks my heart even more, is how brave he's being. He doesn't cry but he just keeps telling me he's sad.

"I so sad mom." Oh Wyatt, mom's so sad too.


Tyne said...

Sorry Wyatt, I know you love your blankie so.

On another note, at least you won't have to pull an "Owen" with him. Have you read that book? It's by Kevin Henkes.

justinrector said...

Aww haha. I think Andrew would be the same way without his blanky - he would be crying though.

Glad yall found it! Praise God.