Sunday, April 4, 2010


I am so behind! So, I'll just start with now and work my way backwards. I painted at a college retreat this weekend. While the worship band played and even while the speakers gave their messages, I was on stage with another artist, Darlene, painting on 4'x6' canvas. Mine, were on sin and the Holy Spirit. The other 2 were suffering and redemption. At the end they bolted the 4 together and it became a cross. Oh it was so cool!!! Painting on stage while singing..... It didn't even bother me that people were staring at me. I was worshiping through my brush! When Deb started talking about the power of the Holy Spirit, I started shooting the lightning bolts out from the figure's fingers and toes. I had goosebumps in that moment. The title of that one is "Everyday Hero". My thoughts behind it were, that through the power of the Holy Spirit, each of us can be super heroes in our everyday lives. We can have the power of the Living God flowing through us and out of us if we'll just allow it.
I called my sin painting, "DrinkMe"........Alice in Wonderland? I had the thought that if you drink from this, you grow and became too large to go through the door leading into Heaven. I was going to paint all that.....but it was a little complicated for only a 2 hr session. :o)

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LeeAnn said...

So cool, really wish I could have been there to watch the creative process :)