Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wyatt's THREE

Wyatt Ezekiel Vashey
March 18,2007

Your first fish!

Your first signs of imagination
"Cake Mama?"(rocks)

Lego Towers
Your first signs of genius

People always ask me, "Is he this happy all the time?" I say, "Yes, yes he is."

Wyatt, I love you. You are my little man. When you turn and say, "Hear-n mama. Want coffee?" and hand me a pretend cup, my heart melts. Every kid on the playground is your friend and you pray for a list of friends a mile long (Avery, Audrey, Claine, Reecy, Josh, Ivy, Kayla, James, Zachy...etc)

You are so excited about the world around you, and I am very excited to be your mom. God has blessed me indeed.


donita dawn said...

Happy, happy bday Wyatt! I can't believe you're already 3 and you were such a little guy when I met you. You are so blessed by the family you have and I know that the entire world is blessed by your existence. Enjoy your special day :~)

Magarita said...

Awww, give Wyatt hugs and kisses from Josh and I! I seriously can't believe he's three!! He's such a handsome little guy!