Monday, March 1, 2010

Pink Weekend

What did we do this weekend? Well, Jon spent Friday-Sunday in the pink bathroom. What started off as a new grouting/caulking job on the tub turned into a let's-fix-the-toilet.........into the pipe cracked and then broke off inside the wall.....into let's cut a hole in our closet wall to be able fix the pipe (instead of ripping out tile in the bthrm wall).......into let's learn how to sweat pipes. But my hubby did it! He bought a blowtorch to sauter and a electric saw to cut a hole in our wall. What a renaissance man! Needless to say, he is sick of being in our pink bathroom!
.Meanwhile, I am making this cake, which took ALL day Saturday. It was the most complicated thing I have ever baked in my life! 3 layers and 7 minute frosting. Anyone made 7 minute frosting before? I took my life in my hands making it, let me tell you! It required a double boiler, which I don't have, so I improvised and boiled water in a giant pot with a little pot floating in it. Then, I used a hand-held mixer and beat the frosting for ,um, 15 minutes. What happened to 7??!! The whole time, Zane is screaming and water is jumping out of the pot trying to burn me! I was sorely disapointed, too when my cake turned out looking like a giant zinger or a character off the muppets!
I think it looked better after I tucked in my little signs........
Isn't she beautiful? All, for this tiny little Madeline Mae! worth it!

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Jeff said...

I love it when projects turn into excuses to buy new tools! Thanks for hooking my ladies up with a tasty cake!