Sunday, January 3, 2010

Zane update

He is better! Thank you God, Thank you God! And a thank you to all you who prayed! I found this concoction called Bubble-b-Gone and it has helped immensely. He has started nursing the right side again (he's been refusing that for a month) and even started to smile at me during! What a change from a stiff body screaming bloody murder to a sweet smiling happy eater. I know this sounds digusting, but I think it's all related to pooping and somehow the Bubble stuff helped. He went on strike 3 nights ago and didn't eat from 4:30pm til almost 10pm. I was frantic. I mean that's 5 1/2 hours and he usually eats every 2!! He just cried and cried. I prayed a lot and massaged his belly and gave him Bubble-B-Gone ....and prayed some more. Finally, he pooped a bucketful and then placidly nursed like there had never been anything wrong. Since then, things have been peaceful and lovely. Zane, there are just things in life you need to learn early son, pooping skills is one of them.

PS Check out the creepy guy in the background. :o) My new brother-in-law Josh is pretty funny. Love you Josh!


Margarita said...

great post! You totally sounded like dad with that comment! =) AND, that creepy guy in the background is great! I love him! =)Also, this is a good pic of you sis. You look perty!

Vashey Fam said...

I wondered if someone would catch the dad-ism. :o)