Thursday, January 28, 2010

Towers and Vegetables!

Wyatt's most recent tower. I think it's fabulous. I think it's fabulous that he built it all by himself and allowed me to do the dishes. I've been really using my Deceptively Delicious cookbook lately. So far I've made chicken nuggets (with hidden spinach) and blueberry bars(with hidden spinach). I plan on making quesadillas tonight (with hidden butternut squash) and rice balls tomorrow (with hidden broccoli) Wyatt and Jon liked the nuggets and kept asking for more! We give Wyatt unhidden vegetables for every meal and make him take at least one bite....which he does, gagging to show us his displeasure. There's nothing grosser than a two yr old gagging on his food. It does take some of the pressure off knowing that he just scarfed down a serving of hidden broccoli or spinach. This is a vegetable war and his parents will win! I am very jealous of Tyne's kids who eat their broccoli with relish and ask for seconds!!! She is the one who bought me the cookbook too!


Tyne said...

He'll get through it... It's a two year old thing, and Audrey is just now entering the pattern of pickiness. Wyatt is on the brink of three and soon will be like his three year old cousin, McClaine, and chowing down the broccoli! Love you!

LeeAnn said...

I will have to make a note about that cook book. Oh how I hope she enjoys her veggies but I know how hard my mom had to work with us on them... I may be asking you what your favorite recipes from that book are some day