Monday, December 21, 2009

Wyatt and Zane update

So, someone taught Wyatt to say, "Oh, sweetie, are you ok?" everytime there is any semblance of sadness, crying or booboos. Who taught him this? It wasn't me. I don't really like being called "sweetie" but when my 2 yr old does it, it's pretty sweet. He also kisses whatever hurts and says, "There, is that better?" cute He doesn't seem to understand what Christmas means, although he recognizes Santa and knows about baby Jesus, mama Mary and Dada Joseph. He loves to pretend it's someones birthday. He sticks things upright in his playdough, says, "Cake Mama. Hmmm, is it good?" and then sings the b-day song and blows out the pretend candles. For some reason it's always Avery's (his cousin) birthday. Anyway, I think I may stick a candle in a Christmas cookie and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas morning....always thought that was a bit cheesy....

Zane has acid reflux. It's gotten really bad the last 2 weeks. He just screams everytime he nurses and it gets so frustrating. Sometimes I cry when he cries. I have him on medicine now but it hasn't worked yet. It takes about a week to kick in. For those of you who remember Wyatt had the same thing. Anyway, it's not pleasant and I feel sorry for the little guy. It must really hurt to be burned by acid in your throat. He also stopped nursing on the right side. I figured out that if I lay down and turn him at a funny angle, then he'll eat....but that seems to have stopped working. I'm sitting here right now and I stink. I changed Zane's clothes and my clothes but I still smell sour it in my hair?!
I'll leave you with a quote by author Zane Grey, who Zane is named after..........I know it wasn't intended, but I think it describes exactly what it's like to go from being just yourself, to being a mother to a newborn. Dying to self...hopefully to rise a better human being.

Men may rise on stepping stones of their dead selves to higher things.- Zane Grey

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