Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brave Fisherman

Ouch! No this is not a new peircing. Jon was trout fishing and the fish caught him....literally. He said he had one hooked, it spit it out, the line shot out of the water..... and landed the fisherman. Here he is in the bathroom where I witnessed him push the sharp point of the hook all the way through his skin so he could clip off the barb and pull it out. You can't just pull a hook back through the way it came b/c of the small barb going the other direction. My strong husband. I would have just gone to the emergency room. There's no way I could handle this, although I have gone through 2 labors. Hmm....maybe I could have handled it.....I just would have chosen not to.


Stephanie said...

Ouch really bad but cool picture. Do you like my sentence? :)

Mona said...

Ouch!---will make for an interesting scar.