Friday, June 19, 2009

Sort of

I am sooo ready to have something positive to post. I feel kind of like we're under a cloud here. Part of my problem right now is internal. I am apparently anemic and have a urinary tract infection. Hmmmm, this could be why I lack energy and personality at the moment. I am working hard on getting that part taken care of.
We are currently still living at my sweet grandparent's house. They have been more than gracious to us. Wyatt adores them and their fenced back yard. I am really loving having cable. It's been almost 2 yrs without any TV stations and I am definitely getting my fill.
We closed on our house today......sort of. Unfortunetly our bank goofed once again and forgot about a special inspection that was required for FHA loans. It was pretty bad for a while there when we showed up at the title company and they told us that we could sign the paper work but it wouldn't be "official" until the inspection. Possibly Monday?! The sellers had driven all the way from Dallas and flipped out when they were told this. They threatened to leave right then and put the house back on the market. I wanted to bawl my eyes out. I almost cried right there in front of everyone! They calmed down by the end of it even to the point of blessing us, our home and our children, but that first part was sticky. The seller was born in the house and has many memories there, so I know the day was hard on her. She wanted us to save her pink wall to wall carpet for her. We will do that. :o)
If you think of us, then please pray for us!

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The White House said...

Praying for you and loving more quality time with you and your sweet family!