Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I think we found a house!! It's pretty ugly but it has 1.5 acres in the country. The house is ugly but the land is pretty. Everything inside is brown wood paneling....every room, every cabinet. brown, brown, brown. But, it's big, has a fireplace, porches.....and land. Can you tell I'm more excited about that than the actual house? Yes, I guess so. But, maybe we can have a dog, maybe a goat? I am already excited about walking. It's so pretty there. We put in an offer today. I guess if they don't except it then we'll just keep looking. We close on this house on Monday and we're going to rent it for 1 month, so if everything happens according to schedule then we will not be homeless at any point.
Speaking of homeless, our cat has been missing 3 days!! Mazzy where are you? We miss you! Come home kitty!


The White House said...

wow! that is so great, and brave... another fixer-upper!

Stephanie said...

That sounds awesome!

Dawn said...

yippie I hope you get it. If you do post some pictures.

donita dawn said...

did they accept the offer? I am so happy for you guys...I hope it turns out well and that you can have a dog, or a goat!