Friday, March 27, 2009

Almost homeless

No!! We didn't get the house!!! I am so bummed about this. We found out that we would probably have to have the roof redone/leveled and we already knew that it needed an ariconditioner/heater, the stove didn't work+ new fridge. It all added up to be too much money. We would have been fine but an extra $5,000 was just too much. I am trying to keeping hopeful about this....... You know, even if we don't find a place we still won't be homeless. God has blessed us with so many people who loves us. You know, I heard the other day, that there are so many homeless people in Chicago right now that they are living in tents all over. We joke about living in Jon's van down by the river but we really are ok.


LeeAnn said...

We just lost out on a house that we put an offer in on too. It was the best deal that we have found so far and a bit heartbreaking that we lost out :(

Not going to be homeless but our rental is not our favorite.... and we are REALLY looking forward to getting out of here

Dawn said...

you can come stay with us but the commute from Chicago would stink I am sure. I will pray that the right place comes along soon.