Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bluebird day

Ok, things are definitely better. No particular reason, I was just really having a down day and now I'm not. Thank you for your prayers. We still haven't found a house to live in and our closing date is getting closer and closer (March 31st), but on a happy note, we have a bluebird pair building a nest in our box. We weren't going to put the bird house out b/c of us moving, but they've been hanging around waiting and twittering at us. If you don't know anything about bluebirds, they are a pretty wonderful little bird that is close to extinction. They're bright blue with red breasts and love people. They are very specific about what they need. They need a specially shaped, unpainted box on a pole, in an area where a cat can't get to it i.e. no branches hanging over or fences to hop from. They used to fly in flocks a long time ago. Wouldn't that be lovely to see?
One of the reasons their are so few left, is b/c of lack of places to nest. If anyone is interested in helping with the bluebird population and would like a box for nesting, then let me know. Jon makes them and I could even mail one to you unassembled (very easy to nail together. ) This probably bored you to tears but it made *me* smile.


Mom said...

When I opened your blog and saw that gorgeous bluebird, I thought you had photographed it (wow, she's really getting good!--the credits on the bottom of the photo don't show til you scroll down).
If Jon ends up with extra birdhouses, we can find places for them.

The White House said...

How sweet! I wonder if they could live down here? I will be praying for your housing situation.