Friday, March 13, 2009

6 Things I Miss

6Things I never knew I'd Miss After Motherhood

1. Time alone in the bathroom
2. Keeping a schedule, being on-time, being able to volunteer for things
3. Eating a meal straight through without getting up once.
4. Clean clothes without snot, food slime or drool on them.
5. Waking up and drinking my coffee (now I have to deal with a nasty diaper before anything)
6. Running more than 2 errands at a time (Carseats and strollers really put a hold on how many stops you want to make).

A pickle on a stick!

6Things I Never Knew I Would Love About Motherhood
1. Wyatt entertaining me while I'm in the bathroom. (dancing, patting my leg, eating toothpaste, brushing his hair with my blush brush.)
2. Learning the art of flexibility and working everything around nap and mealtimes.
3. Watching my son learn to eat with utensils. It's so totally cool to watch an almost 2 yr old eat cereal and milk like a big boy!
4. Creativity in how I dress. Now, on a budget, I have to buy my clothes at the thrift store and alter them to suit me. I've learned a lot about sewing and turning Grandma clothes into something a bit more hip. Also, instead of just throwing out my old stuff, I've learned to be more responsible and take care of things better.
5. Waking up and having Wyatt say "Morning!!!" Mama!!! Morning!! Bub-boo (Love you)" and getting a big hug and wet smack on the cheek. Oh, so sweet!
6. I really, really, really appreciate the times when I do get out by myself. I can also accomplish more in an hour alone than I could ever before having a baby.

I love you Wyatt! I am so excited that you are going to be 2 next week!!


Mom said...

Love that picture of your family at the beach. Wyatt and Jon are blessed boys.

Anti-Supermom said...

What a beautiful post.

I can't believe our Wyatt's are nearly 2. it has been an amazing 2 years.

Chelle said...

He's already going to be 2?! This past year has really flown by, that's for sure.

I love your list, your pictures and that pickle looks amazing, lol! Yum :)