Friday, January 2, 2009

Wyatt the model

Wyatt doing one of his favorite things, taking a bath and getting everything within a 5mi radius wet!
I took Wyatt today to have his picture done professionally. He was such a ham! I wish I could get him to smile like that for me! We dressed him up in overalls, no shirt, no shoes and a maroon velvet hat.....not sure what they're called, something an older gentleman would wear. I also brought his handmade wooden truck that he got for Christmas from his's even nicer in person and he looked so historic posing with it. On a side note, my brother said that Wyatt looked like he should be called FDR (Franklin Roosevelt) or something presidential b/c he looks so historic......kind of a weird compliment, but I kind of see what he means. Not that I have any schemes and plans for his future.....but he does seem to have this way about him. Ok, I am starting to sound like a doting mother!


I think they'll turn out. I've had the worse time getting him to sit still for me, so this came at an opportune time. He got so many wonderful, wonderful things for Christmas!! He goes back and forth between this and his firetruck from his Chicago granny.

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