Friday, January 9, 2009

CPSIA rumor vs reality

There are tons of rumors on the internet about the CPSIA. It's been hard to know what to believe b/c the CPSC has been so reticent to make official statements and their website does not help much. (If you would like to read the law, their website is here. The FAQ's are of interest as well.) I wish they were all rumors, but they are not. Many congressmen and "officials" have made statements to their constituents and to the media that they later retract, once they go back and get more info. Even Nancy Nord herself has retracted some of her statements. The intent of this law is good. The sad thing, is that is was not written well, and if taken in it's original form, it is too all-encompassing. I've read most of the law myself and it is really not good. I've read different lawyer's interpretations other seller's have hired to decipher for them and they all say the same thing. Basically, what we belive is true.......but also that the CPSC is underfunded and will probably not come knocking on our door. Not a very good way to run a business....yes, what you do will be illegal unless you test, but they'll probably not fine or arrest you. Hmmm.....

This morning I read, that they have now written a provision that excludes Second-Hand and thrift stores! YES!!! You can read their official statement here. This is such good news! They have also written another provision that natural materials are ok to use without being tested: undyed cotton, wool, unfinished wood, natural gemstones likes real rubies and pearls. This is good news too! I can make albino bunnies! Right now, they are talking about calling smaller businesses "assemblers" rather than "manufacturers". This might be the loophole we need. It hasn't happened yet, but at least they are talking about. They are slowly but surely listening and making provisions for the "little guy". Keep talking about this please! It's b/c so many people are bringing this to the attention of the media, writing and talking to their representatives and blogging, twittering etc, that change and legal provisions are being made!!! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to do these things!!

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Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

Thank you for this post...keeping up to date on the latest developments is soooo important for us small biz owners specializing in children's products!