Monday, December 22, 2008

A visit

I had a friend from highschool visit this weekend. It was so wonderful. She has two children now, Emory (seen here with Wyatt) and Annan, a little 9 month old girl with a sweet disposition and curly blond hair. Vandy is still just as beautiful and fun as ever. We talked and talked and talked and talked some more. She took a few puppies home with her and I think I had a smile on my face ther rest of the day. It's so nice to spend time with old friends. Most of my really close friends live in other states far away like California and Illinois!
Jon has really been under the weather lately. Wyatt absolutely adores that his "dada" is home but I hope and pray he is better soon. Jon is not one to sit still and recoup! I took a quick pic of this sweet. Wyatt is obsessed with his blanket lately. He drags is everywhere!!

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Stephanie said...

I love it that you had such a good time with your friend. :) Isn't it the best having priceless moments with friends that make you smile the rest of the day!?! Awesome! Enjoy it.