Friday, December 5, 2008

Croup and Bewitched

I am so sleepy. Wyatt woke up at 4:30 this morning with trouble breathing and that awful croupy sound again. Last time this happened on a Friday, we ended up in the emergency room I am taking it seriously this time. I've got him a doctors appointment at 11, so that's good. It's been a weird morning. I've been watching the Bewitched movie and Baby Einstein interspersed. It's a really bizarre movie. Will Farrel totally makes it an awful movie. He doesn't fit the part......but then he's so funny I think I like it.....but only b/c he's cracking me up, not b/c I am swept away by the script. I checked it out of the library. Has anyone else noticed what weird movies they have at the library? I think weird is my favorite word this morning! No, but really, I've gotten some kooky ones....not that Bewitched is one of those. I recently watched My Brilliant Career, which I thought was pretty good. I really should just stick to books, but it is one way to save money. Blockbuster gets expensive! Ok, got to find out if Will Farrel and Nicole Kidman are going to get together in the end. I am on pins and needles and my 3rd cup of coffee!


Stephanie said...

They do have weird movies at the library. Sorry about Wyatt having croup.

Dana said...

hey i made an awesome discovery that i haven't posted about yet. micah always has trouble coughing at night when's she's sick, it usually lasts for a week or so. anyways, this last time i remmebered reading about putting apple cider vinegar in the humidifier to help relieve coughing. so i did it and she has slept cough free for the last three night! normally she would cough even with the humidifier, so i would highly recommend trying it out. i just put about 1 tbsp in the whole thing of water (i use the braggs brand, organic raw and unfiltered from the granary). it'll smell but it's way better than horrible coughing!