Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Kicks | The Cat | The Coloring

This week has already had 3 amazing 1sts for our family, let me explain more about each...

The Kicks
Wyatt received his 1st pair of Adidas Shell Toes from his Aunt Marta in Chicago, which means he's destine to follow in his papa's footsteps as a break dancer! The M&Ms made for a fun rattle as well!

The Cat
Our kitten Mazzy is growing up fast and has since become acquainted with the great outdoors. On Monday morning, she snuck her way onto our mini-van in the engine and rode all the way to Jon's work, down the highway, without falling off, getting chopped in the fan or torn to bits by the many belts in the engine. Jon noticed her underneth the van while at lunch and was shocked to discover she made it there alive. She spent the afternoon walking around the office and is fine. This is the 1st time I've ever know a cat to survive an a running engine for such a distance. I'm pretty certain she spent 7 of her 9 lives in this one incident alone!

The Coloring
Last, but not least, our son Wyatt showed us today that the apple did not fall too far from the mama's tree by creating his 1st water color painting without the help of his mother. Experimenting in color and stroke pressure produced this fun piece of art!


Stephanie said...

WoW! What a cat! :) I'm so glad she stayed at your house! :) I'm impressed and I love the picture of her too.

Vashey Fam said...

Yes, Mazzy is an outside cat now....and adventuresome to boot! Husband, thanks for that awesome post to wake up too! If Wyatt keeps taking after us, he's going to be a break-dancin' artist!

Chelle said...

Love the new kicks! So cute!

And the artwork is beautiful!

And Mazzy, Mazzy, Mazzy! What a lucky little cat!! So happy she's okay :)

Dana said...

looks like a goose! :)