Thursday, October 9, 2008


Ok, so I guess my last post was a bit extreme...the part about copying other artists. I know we all do it from time to time. My feelings are probably because one of my favorite art blogs, Tiny Happy has had someone copying her. The other person even started an Etsy shop just like hers. I would hate for someone to do that with mine! This is the link, if you want to read her post. So, sorry, I'm not trying to be abrasive.....just wishing for a perfect world I guess.


The White House said...

I forgive you. Ha ha. I wouldn't worry about it. Thanks for the sweet package for Avery, we are going to let her open it at her birthday party on Sat.

Trevlyn said...

I thought what you said was fine. It's a touchy subject! It's hard, especially in the Etsy world, to not overstep creation boundaries! I've been accused of this when I very first opened shop and was verbally and publicly attached by a HUGE Etsy seller for using the same "beak style" as she uses on her owls. I'm sorry, but a beak is a beak. A little triangle. It was a very hurtful situation, thus making me cautious! I'm aware of other situations like your friends and it's sad.

I also admire your talent in creating such darling patterns! Not easy to do!

Chelle said...

I agree with copy someone's work and call it your own...well, come on! In the writing world that would be plagarism, right?

I LOVE your designs on everything. And the ornaments you made? Just darling!