Monday, October 20, 2008

Jon's post

My posts have mostly been about Jon lately and in fact he posted the
video of Wyatt. I think he must be important to me.
There seems to be so much going
on in our lives that it's hard for me to focus and
actually reduce it down into blog form. I thought Jon expressed it nicely
in an email he sent, so I'm going to use it for my post of the day.
I need to take pictures of all the crazy, strange things
we picked up at the garage sales.....a metal poodle for one.

Friends & Fam-
I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable day.
After struggling with a pinched nerve again in
my lower back all week, a few shots, a wife's care
and lots of meds later,
I'm able to walk again. So, Leigh, Wyatt and I spent the
afternoon traveling along a section of an
annual 300+ mile garage sale route from
Dallas to Mississippi. It's amazing how people
will give you their kitchen sink and others won't budge
with junk. Sunny and warm, windows down all day,
enjoying the Piney Woods of East Texas and
strange items up for sale. Seems like every stop we
made somebody was giving Wyatt a toy for free,
it's funny like that.
Ate some catfish, hush puppies and frog legs too,
so it was indeed a good day!

On an ultra-bright note, we're getting our roof finally patched up
and fixed from the tree Ike dropped on her and hopefully
a new roof over our back porch, which also took a hit.

Wyatt loves his shoes and will wake up and go get them 1st thing,
it's odd. He also loves to bite his socks or put his
toes in his mouth, yum!
I'm eager for Nov 1st when the gun season opens and I can go off
into the woods and fall asleep for hours alone. Leigh's art classes
are back in full swing, which keeps her busy and provides
new faces for Wyatt to entertain.

I am reading a new book called "Blue Like Jazz' which is
written by Donald Miller, which is doing a lot in terms of
making me realize how my past has lead me to where
I am now in walk with Jesus.

In mid-November, I will be spending a weekend with
my buddies in Chicago to catch up on lost time, which will
be a blast. I'm looking forward to spending 30 hours with them!

Adios from Tejas.


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