Tuesday, October 28, 2008

diamonds and goodness

Lee-Ellen came by my house last week and dropped off 4 diamond-in-the-rough chandeliers. Jon looked at them and commented on their ugliness. I looked at them and got excited! After a soap bath and scrub, they definitely looked better. This morning I painted them. I'll post a pic tomorrow. Such a difference!!

Wyatt started saying MAMA this weekend!!!! Oh, it felt so good!!! I am no longer Dada! He says "Hi Mama!" and it melts my heart. This morning he woke up with a good attitude. He got in trouble a lot yesterday) I walked in to his room, he said, "Hi mama" and when I picked him up, he shook his head "yes". That was a first! He's been quite rebellious and when he is, he shakes his head "no" before and after the fact.....and he really has been happy and good today.
*note: When I say he's "bad", I don't mean accidents and regular toddler stuff. I mean, he does the opposite of what I say, while looking at me and shaking his head no. I guess I would say defiance is what gets him in trouble in this house, not clumsiness or curiosity.

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