Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wyatt Play

So before dinner I let Wyatt play outside. He didn't want to leave the garage. I finally coaxed him out into the sunshine, but not before he had found a picnic basket full of plastic utensils. He came running out with a blue plastic cup, which he briefly held to his mouth just like he was drinking and then said, "Mmm, good!" ...all while running. He started running in circles on the driveway with his little plastic cup, drinking and exclaiming how good it was. When he got tired of that, he ran back in the garage and brought out a red plastic plate, to which he held it up to his mouth like it was a bowl of soup to drink it, "Mmmm good! Dada, good!" (I am still "Dada".) Does anyone elses 18 month old pretend eat? Does anyone else's baby's cheeks vibrate when they run? His chubby cheeks and all his little rolls bounce and jiggle when he runs! Oh, so cute! I better be careful, I don't want him to get a complex about his eating habits!

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Jenna said...

Ivy likes to play feed her baby doll- she'll even share her pacifier and make the sucking noise for her baby :) she's a good little mama already!
I love when little ones start to play pretend!
cute pics!