Wednesday, September 24, 2008

couch love

This was a couch my parent's had been hanging on to upstairs. The glossy wood and fabric just didn't do anything for it. I thought it was an interesting shape though, so yesterday I spent the day sanding and painting it. It looks so fun now! Actually it reminds me of the Anthropologie store that I really used to frequent and love. It really looks better in person.

I had it completely turquoise and then mom suggested
I distress it and let some of the roses show through.
I love it! I can just see someone in an old classic movie, falling back on it in a party dress, putting their hand to their brow and saying, "Give me a cigarette darling!"
PS I don't smoke, nor do I promote the nasty just seemed to fit.

I forgot to add that this is NOT an antique and it is very cheap craftsmanship,
which you really can't tell from the picture.
I didn't want you guys thinking I rocked-out a family heirloom or anything!


Dana said...

do you know ann marie adonyi??? you totally remind me of her... her ENTIRE house is a work of art :)

The White House said...

How cool! It looks so much better, what kind of paint did you use on the fabric?

Trevlyn said...

Awesome! I never would have thought to paint the fabric!

Chelle said...

You amaze me with all of your talent...

I love the couch!

Kelly said...

So beautiful! It does look like something from Anthropologie. You are definitely a gifted woman!