Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's up?

Remind me next year not to teach a sculpture class in my house! I cannot seem to keep up with the mess! It's fun but goodness it's everywhere! Thanks for all the congrats and blessings! I truly feel blessed and funny enough I haven't had much nausea......just sleepiness. In fact I think I may go lay down right now........... Oh, and by the computer's calculations I'm due April 15th but I'm sure the doc will have a different date.
Painting day for me. Notice the little piano I painted pink. I have to make something to go with that. You know, I haven't sewn anything since I found out I was pregnant......I hope that doesn't last.


Dana said...

rebecca friedlander, who teaches pottery making, teaches her classes out on the driveway :)

Kelly said...

Wow! We're due within a week of each other. The computer sets my due date at April 2, but I think I'm due a little later. I go to the doctor again Friday, so hopefully I'll get a set due date. If I still lived in East Texas, I think I'd take your sculpture class...looks like fun!!