Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things I'm loving right now

I found these at our local healthfood store and they are wonderful!
Ginger mints are truly hard to find, so if you need me to send you some let me know!

A great Goodwill find!
This little squirrel does a fantastic job of holding my brushes!

Adriana your homemade peach butter is the bomb!
I've eaten some on toast every night for the last week!
I think you should sell it!


The White House said...

Yummy! I am super hungry right now and on my way to make toast with lots of butter and gross store jelly. Wish it was homemade peach butter...

Mona said...

Looks like your Goodwill squirrel has just finished the lovely painting behind him!

Kelly said...

I'll have to buy some of that peach butter from Adriana when I come down there. As for ginger mints, I haven't thought of the health food stores. There's one I've been meaning to try out. Walgreens and CVS have stopped carrying ginger Altoids, as they weren't good sellers. Off to a health food store I go!!

Anonymous said...

love the squirrel! Can I get some of the peach butter too! That sounds amazing! See you tomorrow night at the b-day party.