Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Etsy Sale

Eloise loves her morning coffee

I decided to try having a SALE in my new Silly Turnip Etsy shop. I'd like to sell a little of the summer stuff to make way for Fall. I love Fall. I wish it were here right now. It is so hot here! Anyway, I have lots of ideas. I'll keep it updated here, so you can see things in progress. This is such a mixture blog. One part new mom/Jesus lover/Art. Hey, I am who I am! I saw a quote on Sparkleltopia that I really liked...
"He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away." Raymond Hull
Ok, let's see if I can stay on the point here! :o) I'll be having an end of the summer sale August 25th-31st. It will be a good one. Let me know if there is something you've had your eye on and I'll put it on reserve for you!........or just tell me if you like something! I'm a sucker for compliments! :o)


Anonymous said...

Leigh, I think Eloise needs some coffee to drink!

Love ya'll,

Vashey Fam said...

Ok, mom. There ya go. :o)