Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wyatt Shoes and Organic Mouse Gardening

Wyatt is going to be a ring bearer this weekend in Chicago. Jon's best friend is getting married and they really love Wyatt. They even bought him a little Tux. (Apparently they don't rent them out for that small a size.) I realized this week that he would need shoes. For some reason I hadn't even thought of it. I don't think his red shoes with the monkey face would do! We went all over town trying to find tiny boy dress shoes. We went to 7 stores until we finally found these at Pay Less. So my pudgy 16 month old is going to be decked out! I can't wait! Oh, and he doesn't walk yet. I'm a little sad about that, but I think the older ring bearer will pull him down the aisle in a wagon. *sigh* He'll probably walk the day after the wedding!

I love the children's story about the city mouse and the country mouse, so I decided to make them. Here is the teensy tinsy little mushroom bag for my country mouse. I even made her a little Organic Gardening book that fits inside. I cut up a birthday card someone sent me, and hand drew the tree and title on the cover. I sewed the pages inside and broke two needles in the process. You can see the mice in the background. They're not ready to go public yet, b/c I forgot to sew on the tails!


Chelle said...

I love the shoes! They are simply adorable. And I think it's darling he'll be pulled down :)

How cute is country mouse's bag and book?! You are so creative!

Dana said...


donita dawn said...

You could start a new trend...mice without tails! I look forward to seeing them as I do all of your wonderful creations!

The White House said...

hey, have fun in chicago! I can't wait to see Wyatt in his tux.