Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mommy Care

Mommy's should try and take care of themselves right? Well I have the eating right part down pretty well. We want to have more little Vashey's so I try really hard to eat those folic acid and wholegrain foods. BUT........what about the hair, the face, the clothes? Nope, don't work very hard on those. At least not until I see pictures of myself. As long as I'm clean, smell good, and don't have anything sticking out of my nose, I'm pretty set for the day. I am much more interested in making other things beautiful. Like right now, I have my hair in a ponytail with a red headband, a bright green jersey shirt, and too-big army-green capris. I don't match and if I walk too fast my pants fall down. (My husband compares me to rainbow bright all the time) I really need a haircut, some new highlights, and clothes that fit my post-baby body. *sigh* We are taking a trip to Chicago at the end of this month and I'd really like to look better than I do. I don't want our Northern friends to think to themselves, "So, that's what you end up looking like after marriage and a baby!" :o) Can I just say, if I have a choice between spending money on a haircut or that green velvet chair in the thrift store, which do you think I would choose? Yep, my house looks better than I do!

*On another note, I'll be posting that free giveaway I promised last week! So, come back later and vote!

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Dana said...

if you have a picture of what you want i can cut your hair.