Monday, June 2, 2008

"up"and "down"

This has been a crazy week. Sorry if it seems like I dropped off the face of the planet! I just dropped Renee off at the airport. We enjoyed her visit so much. She taught Wyatt the difference between "up"and "down" and all sort of new songs. What a great aunt! Saturday we spent the entire day at Canton. The ENTIRE day! We found so much cool stuff. I'll post pictures later. I made a pig late last night from fabric I found there. When the creative bug hits there's no stopping it! She's an art pig. I gave her a belly button ring, a mini tote bag with a sketchbook and pencil that slips inside. She's pretty funky. You can check her out here. Jon, Renee and I played monopoly. I lost miserably and Jon won. He beat out his big sister and wife. He kept trying to keep me from bankruptcy by giving me free money and property......but I just really, really lost. I have such a sweet husband! Wyatt started semi-walking last night. He walks forward holding only one hand and he's using his little push cart....never did any of that until last night. Toddlerville here we come!!!

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