Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Canton Finds

LinkMy "softie" came! Meet, Becky's Bunny. Isn't she cute? She's made from an old sheet and came with a little bag (in Wyatt's room with him sleeping....don't want to disturb) becky's the one that inspired me to make "Stuffie". Oh, by the way Pilly is really glad Stuffie came. (I think he's in love. Click here for a photo of the action I caught on film. It's getting pretty serious and there may be baby bunnies soon.) It's so sad. Becky's Bunny used to have a little bow around her neck but alas it broke. She's still cute though. You can check out Becky's blog here.

Here are the promised pics from Canton. if you have never been, you have to go! It's like a giant garage sale + antique store+fair all rolled into a gianormous place that takes days to see everything! Wyatt kept getting freebies b/c he was so cute. He got several free toys from the vendors. Check out the bell sitting on my new $3 piano bench. Yep, he won a sweet lady-vendor's heart when he rung her bell, "Oh, he can just keep it! He's so cute!" I don't know why it didn't work for Renee and I? Aren't we cute? :o) Let's see. Got a few fabrics. The woodland fabric is going to become a few quilted blankets I think, bark cloth, maybe this will be a bag?......apron for me to wear in the kitchen and look adorable and floral bark cloth.....

which became Milla the Art Pig. She is my favorite so far. Oh and I found some bright floral oil cloth (pic with piano bench above) to cover my free red"trash chairs". Oil cloth wipes off really well, so I think I'll use them for my art classes.

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Dana said...

did you say fabric for a apron????? you gotta come to my apron making party friday night!