Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun with Felt and Downtown Longview

So, my Fun with Felt class went really well. I had three talented youngsters. It's amazing what kids can do if you teach them a few skills and then they use their imaginations. These kids cracked me funny! You can see here, Olivia made a sparkly donkey (no ears yet), Merritt made a ham bone......yes, a meaty delicious ham bone....and Reagan created 2 dachshunds. So cute!

Before class Wyatt and I visited downtown Longview. I needed to mail a package. We walked around for a while. Scratch that, about 30 minutes. There are really very few stores. Zowie's is awesome, Hopscotch pretty ok but not exciting, the bead store/gallery is fun.......but what else is there? Oh, I went in the crafter's mall. Ok I guess. Nothing very thrilling. I have birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and I found nothing! There was a coffee shop right by Hopscotch, so I thought I'd try it. Nice, nice people.....bad, burnt, weak coffee. Maybe I was just having a bad downtown day, maybe there is more out there and Wyatt and I just missed it. I think Friday we'll try downtown Kilgore.

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Kelly said...

Downtown Oklahoma City/Moore/Norman is a lot of fun. It's wonderful. You can just come up and visit me for a good downtown time. :D