Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cleaning and Crowe's

Today and yesterday have been good ponytail days. I have mopped, scrubbed and organized every square inch of this house (except the garage)! It is shiney! My mother-in-law Carol and sister-in-law Denise are arriving today. We are really excited around here. We haven't seen them since Christmas. I'm sure they can't wait to kiss and cuddle my chubby son. Yesterday he pulled himself up to standing. This morning I found him sitting up in his crib. I betcha anything he walks this week! He'll have plenty of people cheering him on! I realize most babies have already been pulling up on things by now, but we have to remember his rather large (but sweet) head! Imagine balancing the weight of that thing!

Jon's work, Cypress Interactive had a company going-away party for the Crowes, Wednesday. They are moving to be missionaries in the Ukraine. We had fun, fajitas and even a pinata with Bruce's head attached to it. His kids (he has 6) had fun with that!

Wyatt, is such a friendly baby. CJ said he had never held a baby before that didn't cry. Just as a side note, CJ was Santa Claus at the company Christmas Party. You can see that pic here Santa and Wyatt

Here's Deb Crowe with baby Noah and Shannon with baby Garrison. The boys definitely outnumbered the girls at this party!

Bronwyn gearing up to wack the pinata with all her might. This girl is great. Notice, she never leaves her purse unattended. She and Deb are two of my art students, by the way. I am really going to miss them!

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