Monday, April 28, 2008

Help! Summer Art Camps

I need some advice. I am having a hard time figuring out how to do an art camp. I have plenty of ideas but am struggling with the logistics. How many days? How many hours? How much should it cost? Field trips? Ages? Workers? I was thinking, if a few of the moms would like to help me, then I would let your child or you come free.....but then you would have to have a babysitter. *sigh* Have any of your kids gone to a day camp? Is it for half a day or a full day?
Here are some of my ideas:
Felt Fun- Learn to make little creatures and flowers out of felt. An intro to sewing. age 7-adult
by Therese Laskey
Drawing and Painting- learn to draw and to paint a still life in acrylic by studying the artist Henri Matisse age 7-11

"Art in a Box"(see 1st picture)-Found Object Art: Using thrift store and trash finds we will create art. The focus will be on the elements and principles of design and learning to use tools(heavy duty glues, resin, spray paint etc.)age 12 to adult

Texas Sketchbook- Learn to draw from Life. We will make our own sketchbooks, have a model come pose for us, take a day long field trip to Caddo and Jefferson. age12-adult

Anything sound interesting?


Dana said...

i say schedule them for what works best for YOU. But you can model them after the LeTourneau Camps. they offer some half day ones and some that are 1-2 full days. you could offer each class both ways at different times in the summer. look around online to see what other art camps cost and factor in if you're going to pay your workers. i would probably get some teenagers to help you, moms will most likely want the free time IF they have more children, but if not i'm sure some would be willing to help. i wouldn't offer totally free if they do help, maybe just have them pay for supplies, but not anything over so that you're not losing money. maybe even call michaels and hobby lobby and see what they charge for they're classes.

Jeff and LeeAnn said...

So, I really don't have a lot of advice regarding your classes but I think that vacation bible school has a pretty good format. You wouldn't have to do a full week but a half day is a good amount of time and I think a full day could be really taxing.

All of your ideas sound great! If I were in town I would take your classes :)

Kelly said...

Those sound wonderful! I think Dana has a good idea. Half days for younger and full days for older. :)