Monday, April 28, 2008

Color Week

Can you tell I've had more time than usual today? Well, I've actually done a lot...baked a chicken, made peanut butter balls for Wyatt, took an hour long walk and listened to Wyatt "moo" at the neighborhood dogs, played roll, beat, stack and knock down the coffee containers, researched for my art camps, read a few blogs, about to work on a watercolor portrait. of course Wyatt and I have had meals, he'll take a bath and other ordinary things like that....but I really don't feel like listing those. I found an art blog curiousbird that is having a color week. I thought this looked fun. This is a book I've had since childhood. If you ever see one snatch it up! It's funny and imaginative!

Monday: Green (of course)
Tuesday: Yellow
Wednesday: Orange
Thursday: Pink/Red
Friday: Blue

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The White Family said...

fun- I like the idea of color week. Maurice Sendak is one of my favorite author/illustrators. I love "Chicken Soup with Rice" and "Where the Wild Thing Are." The orchid looks great btw