Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Creative Life

I've been internet researching for my art camps this summer and have come across some really fun stuff. I love this recipe I found! You can check out her blog heresoulemama Also, click on this link 100Ideas for 100 things you can do if your bored or need that little spark of creativity!

how we make dinner


With LOTS of help, of course. Seems to me the only way to get dinner made these days is to have someone across the kitchen island from me - either helping with my dinner plan, or more likely, choosing to work on their own dinner plan. Today, a favorite recipe of Adelaide's.

every measuring cup, spoon and wooden spoon in the house
sifter - optional, but strongly desired
an apron - like Mama (or Papa) - (additional clothing optional)

3 cups dinner-in-progress scraps - carrots, onions, leeks - anything will do
8 cups water - carried - cup by cup - across the kitchen
2 cups mystery pantry food - unidentifiable, forgotten dried beans? Yup.
2 tiny precious drops - something chosen from the fridge door
6 parts - clean up
2 parts - patience
10 parts - laughter

Mix & stir until everything has been added. If the other dinner isn't done yet, um....add more water. At this point, the excitement can usually be transferred to setting the table (seriously), 'showing' the soup to everyone, and then...carrying it very carefully to its ultimate destination outside with much fanfare.

We call it Compost Soup.

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