Saturday, April 12, 2008

Better days

Jon is starting to feel better. He is walking a little and sitting some. None of this for very long periods of time but still better then nothing. Wow, we have really been hooked up with the movies! Thank you Reagh's and Farrel's! ....can't wait to watch Nacho Libre! Yesterday was a yard day. All I wanted to do was mow.....but I couldn't with all the leaves. I raked the whole front yard, which took HOURS! All the storms have caused leaf drifts galore. I haven't done yardwork in over 5 years! Lived in a dorm (IMSA) and then moved here to my parents and then was 8 months pregnant when we moved into our house. In the old days, I loved puttering around with flowers and even mowing was enjoyable. Oh but now, I am so sadly out of shape. My arms felt like they were going to fall off towards the end. I just kept pushing on, knowing that the next day I would be more sore than I was at that moment....and I would feel less like doing this. Still, I got so exhausted and started praying, "God, help me keep going. I am so tired, please help." Today the Farrel's and Chad Thompson showed up and totally finished raking and mowing! If you saw our yard, then you would understand. It's huge! Thank you God!
Last night, I went over to Adriana's house and Tom came over to hang out with Jon. It was soooo nice to be somewhere else and Tom being at my home let me feel at ease. (Jon can't lift Wyatt if there was an emergency). Anyway, things are getting better slowly but surely. Thank you for praying, I can feel it.

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Stephanie said...

I'm glad he's feeling better. I've wanted to do something/anything for you all week but I've been up to my neck with my own stuff. Praise God for wonderful friends just when you need them! I know what that's like. Glad you had some chic time too.