Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nose Bulb & Bed in a Bath

The actual tornado alarm went off a few days ago. I quickly grabbed Wyatt out of his nice warm crib and we hung out in the bathtub for about an hour. It made me feel like I was in a old movie, where they have a party or a war and someone always has to sleep in the bath tub for lack of beds. (If you haven't seen 'I Was a Male Warbride" with Carey grant, then go rent it!) I'm curious Dana, Stephanie and Deb what do you guys do with all your kids when there's a tornado?

This is a "Nose Bulb"and some of you are very familiar with it. I am new to this contraption, but I am quickly gaining nose bulb skills. My son thinks this is torture device and his mommy is evil! Oh, but he feels so much better when all that mucousy snot has been extracted from his little nostrils. It makes the grossest sucking sound when I squeeze it in his nose! Oh the joys of motherhood.
He woke up without temperature today, hallelujah!


Stephanie said...

We had such a horrible storm before it and then total peace when the siren went off. We didn't end up doing anything because it was so peaceful outside. I'm just glad the siren didn't go off in the midst of the storm. It would have scared me silly. Both of our bathrooms have big windows so we'd all huddle in the hallway between the bedrooms if we have another scare.

Dana said...

i was told that if you hear a train coming that's when you know it's a tornado. so that's probably when we would all run to a room with no windows (the inner most bathroom or closet). since all the bigger kids were awake they all layed together in the girls room, zosia stayed in her crib though. i was not going to wake a sleeping baby for a "maybe" tornado, especially since the wind and rain had greatly decreased and the sky wasn't green, so i wasn't worried.

Vashey Fam said...

Wow, you guys are cooler tempered than I am. I grabbed Wyatt and rushed to the bathroom. When I lived in Aurora, Il, the siren meant there was one and it was close! It kind of irked me that it happened the way it did....but then I guess the other alternative isn't really desired. :o)