Thursday, February 28, 2008

I've been tagged "What's on my fridge"

I really need to purge I think!

pictures of family and friends
glass magnets
rock magnets from our wedding
hotdog magnets
Chicago postcard
various art works from nieces and nephew
Art show we are going to see at KC
invitation to baby shower last Sat.
Ukraine "sunday school" flyer


Tyne White said...

oh, that is just mean! my fridge is a disaster, inside and out. I am not posting what is on it and I am certainly not taking pictures! I love those new hairclips and of course my sweet nephew's pictures. t

Vashey Fam said...

I thought it was kind of mean too. Adrianna tagged me and her fridge is so organized and spare. I out it off for a while...but I thought it would be good for prosperity...I still think you should try....or give Avery the camera...from the view of a 3 yr old. That could be really funny!