Monday, February 25, 2008

hospital blues

My grandpa has been in the hospital all week. He had an infection in his urinary tract, which has made him delirious. At one point we thought he'd had a stroke, but he hadn't, although he couldn't talk, walk or respond. He was so sick he didn't even know who his wife of 63 yrs was. Yesterday he started getting better. Praise God!
I think I observed some of the most touching moments of my life watching by his bedside.
My grandpa would be moaning and moving restlessly, with his sheets all twisted around him and Grandma would rub his shoulders and head until he calmed down. She did this countless times. He would look at her blankly and she would hold his cheeks in her hands and say, "I love you Dan. I love you, do you hear!?" He couldn't respond but I know he heard. She stayed up at the hospital every night and slept beside him, not caring for her own comfort. I am so thankful that I have gotten to see this wonderful picture of marriage. I love my grandparents so much!

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Tyne White said...

Thanks for sharing, Leigh. We are praying!